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Adult Care Services

Personal Assistant

We will provide you with a personal assistant instead of care staff. The difference is that this staff member becomes your main point of call and will only work with you.

A Personal Assistant is normally suited were there are multiple hours of care required throughout the day and or night. They will be able to deliver your care and support requirements through managed personal care, enabling you to achieve personal goals and milestones, personal hygiene, meal preparation, domestic tasks and all your social engagement requirements.

A Personal Assistant helps maintain effective relationships and becomes a conduit between you and us. They will assist you with your healthcare professionals and appointments.

I would like to thank all the carers who have helped make Dad’s life easier these last ten months. For that last gentle shave you gave Dad on the Thursday morning, I am sure he felt better for it.  Everything you have done.  From coming over to help me that evening Dad fell.  The list goes on.  There are a couple of you I can picture so well, but the names have gone, I’m very sorry.  I think it is part of getting over C going that my memory is blank on some things.

A BIG THANK YOU to all.  Keep up the good work for others.

Mrs J

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