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Adult Care Services

Meal Preparation

Our staff can help you cook your home favourites by providing helpful meal preparation. You may be unable to stand and prepare meals for any length of time but still want to cook those fantastic meals. Our staff can ably assist you to do this by working with you to establish your needs and how we can support you to do this.

Alternatively our staff can attend your home and make your meals for you. We can ensure that you have the meal you require throughout the day. This includes breakfast, mid morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, evening meal and of course your supper.

This is a belated note to let you know how much my mother and I have appreciated  the help your carers provided while I was suffering my broken arm.

The young ladies were all so helpful and kind to Mum; it was a joy to welcome them into our home.  We do miss seeing their cheerful faces each morning, but I must confess it’s grand to be able to do everything I want once more…

Mrs R

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