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Adult Care Services

Personal Care

We will assist you with your personal care needs. As part of our first contact we will discuss with you your needs and how you wish to have them delivered. This could include care such as helping / assisting you out of bed in the mornings and delivering your morning routine for example, washing / showering, dressing and helping or making breakfast.

Personal care can be delivered anytime throughout the day, evening and throughout the night. All routines and personal care needs can be delivered through creation of your individual care and support plan.

Any appointments that you have that you need to attend our staff can help you attend these and will even go with you.

Do you have items that you need to collect regularly such as prescriptions? We can collect these for you. We will engage with you and your Pharmacist to collect your medication for you.

Mom is still having respite care, I think will most likely stay there, she was finding it increasingly difficult to manage at home.

Many thanks for your kind assistance and should she return to her own flat I will ask for your services again.

Mr G

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